Thanks to its unique Memo feature STARK CHAIN is developed as a token that can be used easily in many areas such as e-commerce, gaming, competition platforms, crypto money wallets. You can see the applications developed for the STARK CHAIN Project as Use Cases.


Thanks to its Memo feature, STARK CHAIN provides the opportunity to be integrated into all commercial systems and applications and to be used easily in daily life. Below you can find applications and projects developed with STARK CHAIN Use Cases. Many applications and projects related to STARK CHAIN Use Cases will be developed by STARK CHAIN Volunteer software developers.

Memo Wallet

With the CryptoPro Memo Wallet, unlimited alphanumeric memo can be sent as encrypted or decrypted with STARK CHAIN over ETH Network.

E - Commerce allows you to shop using STARK CHAIN.

Smart Contract

Due to Decentralized Smart Contract, unchangeable features are available.

Pool Mining

With pool system is STARK Mining fastest and easiest mining on the world.
Get detailed Information about Mining!
You can join the telegram channel to get detailed information about STARK CHAIN Mining.

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