STARK CHAIN is the first coin on the world with its unique Features.

STARK is an BEP-20 token with a unique algorithm and technical features on the BSC network and is designed as a completely decentralized application (DApp).

STARK has four very important features. Firstly, it is designed to be able to mine without any technical, software knowledge and skills by providing Proof of Active with an average PC or Virtual Server. The second is the MEMO feature, which eliminates the difficulties of commercial integration of crypto coins. Thirdly, it includes Reverse Halving and finally environment friendly Green Mining concept.

Individual Mining


STARK Token is a type of mining made by users who want to stake and mine from their personal computers connected to the internet. Anyone can do Individual Mining with a sufficiently staked STARK Token and a computer connected to the Internet.

You can easily take advantage of the mining opportunity by providing proof of activity with the mining software, which can be installed in an ordinary PC, without any software and technical knowledge.

Mining with an ordinary computer without the need for a high-tech computer or hardware.
Mining Software that can be installed very easily without any need for software and technical knowledge.
The world's most economical and easiest mining without any following, waste of time and high electricity consumption.


Pool Mining


STARK CHAIN provides various mining possibilities to make mining possible for everyone. The second of these is pool mining. People who do not have a computer, do not want to rent servers, do not want to deal with the opening and tracking of mining software, can easily mine by establishing their mining in companies that provide pool support if they want. Pool mining provides the opportunity to mine for anyone who does not have a computer and wants to mine with a small amount.


Pool Mining


Pool Mining


Pool Mining

Mobile Mining

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The third way of STARK CHAIN mining is Mobile Mining. Mobile Mining software will be available very soon. Anyone will be able to mine STARK CHAIN with the mobile devices they use in daily life. While mining, the batteries of mobile devices gets never affected and do not use hardware sources of device. Mobile Device should fullfill the requirement of being connected to the internet to provide proof of active (Proof of Active) will be enough for mining. Mining is now easy with STARK CHAIN. Anyone can now mine on their mobile device.

World's easiest and inexpensive mining is now in mobile mining with STARK CHAIN.
The possibility of mining by providing evidence of activity in the background when using mobile devices in daily life.
Easy mining with the mining APP that can be installed on mobile devices in a few minutes without the need for any software and technical knowledge.
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