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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the detailed information about the STARK CHAIN Project below.


STARK is an BEP-20 token with a unique algorithm and technical features on the BSC network and is designed as a completely decentralized application (Dapp). STARK has four very important features. Firstly, it is designed to be able to mine without any technical, software knowledge and skills by providing Proof of Active with an average PC or Virtual Server. The second is the MEMO feature, which eliminates the difficulties of commercial integration of crypto coins. Thirdly, it includes Reverse Halving and finally environment friendly Green Mining concept.

What is Total Supply of STARK ?

Total Supply of STARK CHAIN is 8.989.005

What is the minimum and maximum Stake Amount ?

Minimum Stake Amount to start mining is 10 STARK. There is no maximum Stake. You can stake any amount over 10 STARK.

STARK CHAIN is an BEP-20 token. During mining, a fee is paid to the BSC network for transactions made on the BSC network. Due to these transactions, it is necessary to have enough BNB in the wallet for mining and sign activity proofs.

STARK CHAIN Mining can be done on average computers, servers or mobile devices. The mining device must be connected to the internet and must be turned on.

All licensed companies providing pool mining services can offer STARK CHAIN Mining services by integrating the STARK CHAIN Project into their systems. Currently, Crypto Professional World Solution actively provides pool mining services to the STARK CHAIN.

STARK tokens should be bought from the exchange and transferred to the wallet to which will be used for mining. Mining can be started with the mining software, with a minimum of 10 STARK.

In STARK CHAIN Mining, STARK tokens are locked in the contract for 90 days. At the end of 90 days, anyone can withdraw their staked STARK tokens from the contract.

Staking period (3 MONTHS) in STARK Mining is 90 days. Miners who want to continue mining at the end of 90 days must withdraw the STARK CHAIN from the contract and stake again for 90 days. All Mining periods are defined as 90 days.

The Proof Of Active (POA) mining Software should be installed on a computer or mobile device to mine for STARK CHAIN. After Installation, this device should be turned on and connected to Internet 24 hours daily to provide evidence of activity to the blocks on the BEP-20 BSC network.

STARK CHAIN removes 128 STARK from Contract as a reward when a lucky block is found while mining, and this reward is automatically distributed to miners who provide evidence of activity as soon as the block is found, fairly according to the amount they stake.

Get detailed Information about Mining!
You can join the telegram channel to get detailed information about STARK CHAIN Mining.