Birth of the Project Idea
All projects in the crypto industry have an algorithm structure created with straight logic. Different and extraordinary situations in the world always make a difference. Consequently, the idea of the STARK CHAIN project was born, based on the ideas of creating a completely decentralized project with an algorithm unlike all other projects in the crypto market and with its own characteristics that will facilitate the integration of crypto coins into commercial life.
Planning Phase of Project
After the idea of creating a project, the necessary planning and roadmap Phase started by the developers to shape the project. In the crypto market, an unusual algorithm structure has begun to be created. In to the direction that STARK CHAIN is very easy to integrate into commercial life, and the necessary development plans has begun to add unique features to the project.
Planning and Creating the Algorithm
STARK CHAIN‘s extraordinary algorithm has been perfectly planned and designed. The project first created an algorithm with a system that goes from low to high, then from high to low back and will make a difference in the crypto market. The STARK CHAIN Algorithm was created with a reverse halving structure, that is, it goes by folding instead of splitting, then towards split with normal halving.
Determining and Writing Contract Specifications
After the planning and designs were completed, the characteristics of the contract were determined. And the contract of the STARK CHAIN Erc20-based token has been integrated into the Ethereum network with its extraordinary algorithm, which has the MEMO feature that can contain unlimited alphanumeric characters, all functions have been tested by developers over and over again.
Project Initiation
After the long-term work of the developer team, the project was written as a perfect Erc20 based contract with both its algorithm and features. The project started in August 2020.