It is a completely decentralized, with an alphanumeric memo feature, an extraordinary algorithm, and the world’s easiest mining token.

What is STARK?

There are hundreds of coins and tokens in the crypto money market. STARK CHAIN is an ERC-20 token that has a very different structure from all coin projects on the Ethereum network so far in terms of both algorithm and features. STARK CHAIN has two very important features. The first of this Features is Proof Of Active Algorithm that allows mining with an average PC or over Virtual PC with any need of software, knowledge and skills. The second one is the MEMO feature that eliminates the difficulties of commercial integration of crypto coins into e-commerce industry.

Decentralised Smart Contract
STARK CHAIN has a completely decentralized smart contract where Changing Code or Interruption or any external intervention impossible is.
Sending UNLIMITED Alphanumeric Memo Feature
STARK CHAIN’s alphanumeric MEMO feature allows to send an unlimited number of characters in an optional encrypted or unencrypted form during transfers in the blockchain network.
Extraordinary Distribution Algorithm
STARK CHAIN is an extraordinary token that emerged with the world’s first reverse halving system in the crypto sector with its unique Reward Plan. In other words, Reverse Halving goes unlike all other Coins in Market from low to high to provide Demand and Supply Balance.
Mining with Proof of Active Algorithm
STARK CHAIN allows with Proof of Activity fair mining after you install mining software in a few minutes and provide activity on Ethereum network.


  • The mining software, which can be installed in an ordinary computer used in daily life, in a few minutes without any need for software and technical knowledge, allows easy mining by providing proof of activity.
  • Until today, it has eliminated the commercial integration problems of cryptocurrencies and thanks to the Alphanumeric Memo feature, STARK is providing the opportunity to be easily integrated into all commercial systems and makes the use of crypto money in the entire e-commerce sector very easy.
  • Because of its decentralized structure and its Smart Contract feature. Because it was born as an extraordinary token in the crypto industry due to its algorithm structure and that makes different from all coins and tokens in the crypto industry.