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 Tim Vicary

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The day did not foretell anything unusual. Police officer Harry Evans is driving along an abandoned country road in a private car and is thinking about some urgent matters. Everything is familiar and too boring. Suddenly a young man notices something very strange. It is a mysterious phenomenon. This thing obviously should not be in the usual suburb. It reminds of cosmic. It looks amazing, as if it came from another world. Is it really... a spaceship? Harry even closes his eyes in the hope of waking up from a ridiculous dream. He begins to hear strange music. Harry stops the car. He is going to learn what has happened here. At this point, the police officer still does not know that in a short time life will change greatly.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 547 Total words: 3778

Hard words: constable, spaceship, lunchtime, horrify, cassette, cheerful, recorder, loudly, goodbye, excite, psychiatrist, clever, policeman, awake, notebook, upstairs, bicycle, fool, silly, driving, hurry, inspector, pleased, shine, dear, changing, continued, worried, powder.