Great Britain flag icon  The Time Trippers Go West

 Maria Jack

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It was Thursday. Matt Johnson and his best friend Linda looked at each other in surprise. Usually at that time they would have a history lesson. But that day their favorite teacher was not at school. They wondered where he might be. Then Matt remembered something. The man disappeared after Matt and Linda had been at the castle. It was possible for the teacher to get lost in time. Linda asked the boy to speak quietly as someone could hear them. Suddenly a math teacher entered the classroom. It was a thin and unpleasant person. He ordered everyone to shut up and sit at the desks. The students just grumbled. The lessons of this teacher were the most boring and no one liked to attend them. But there was no choice. Only after school Matt and Linda were able to discuss the topic that interested them so much.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1440 Total words: 9862

Hard words: tanka, notified, travois, saluting, parents, pemmican, sadistically, invaded, matt, maths, liked, answered, grey, faced, untied, ignored, moved, passed, staying, carried, discovered, teased, pretended, warpath, produced, marvellous, whooping, minotaur, shouted, inhaled