Great Britain flag icon  The Lovely Bones

 Alice Sebold

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Life is unpredictable. Here you are happy with everything around, dreaming of kissing the guy you like. Abd suddenly everything abruptly and terribly breaks off. You no longer control anything, but only contemplate from the side. Susie Salmon was only 14 years old when her life was brutally ended. She dies. And now she is watching from above the life of her family, friends and the rapist of her neighbor, who was the culprit of her death. Susie cannot influence the events below. For several years she just watches how her family breaks up. And yet, a couple of times the girl manages to appear for a short time in front of her relatives and even move into the body of one girl. Does Susie get a second chance or will she forever be the watcher from above?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2772 Total words: 44392

Hard words: inbetween, pretending, stopping, desiring, unpacked, sounded, zipped, pushed, quicklime, reopened, wondering, attacked, reassured, dumped, blaming, hugging, drilled, parents, sorted, jingling, instamatic, discussed, honoring, liked, ironed, answered, faced, questioned, sketchpad, ignored