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One day an old lady buys a new pair of shoes. It is Emma Carter. The shoes are cheap, but Emma is very pleased. She is walking home. Suddenly a young man hits her on the head and snatches her bag. He runs away. It is Jason Williams. He is twenty-two and lives with his parents. His only occupation in life is stealing things. But this time he doesn't get much. There are only a little money and a lottery ticket in the woman's bag. Emma buys a lottery ticket every Sunday. She always has the same numbers. Each number is special for her. This week the old woman is lying on a hospital bed. She is too tired to watch the lottery. So she doesn't even know that her ticket has won. And there is only one question. Who will get the money?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 614 Total words: 8418

Hard words: newsreader, parents, snatching, grey, hullo, moved, carried, footballer, snatcher, cheque, sally, stole, aeroplane, remembered, opened, sending, stopped, unhappily, checked, fell, giving, felt, mum, paying, looking, spoke, mmm, wanted, jack, going