Great Britain flag icon  The Ghost and the Document Reviewer

 Gayle Tiller

1986    90    4    14    113

Sarah has been working as a lawyer in Silicon Valley for many years. She is involved in many projects at the same time and often changes them. The woman dreams of at least some stability in life and finances. But right now she can only wish for it. What is even worse, Sarah does not have any close friends to whom she could talk heart to heart. After another failure, Sarah is fired from the latest project. A little bit later something unusual happens. Sarah meets a ghost named Jack. His story is very strange. Jack was charged with the murder of a sheriff's wife sixty-five years ago. Now he has to find the real killer before the anniversary of his own death. Otherwise, he will be forced to remain a ghost forever. Sarah decides to help him.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 3006 Total words: 38055

Hard words: contrasted, pretending, bulldozed, tapped, fathead, sounded, escorted, combing, pushed, uploaded, churned, containing, queen, blamed, reopened, wondering, peeing, refused, barreled, parents, slammed, grabbing, exonerated, reviewed, carwash, snapped, gage, retrieved, looney, feistiness