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 Vicky Shipton

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When Karen was seventeen, she was on vacation in France with her family. She saw an advertisement for a modeling contest in a newspaper. She went there and won. Shalom lived in Toronto. When she was sixteen, she went to a show. And agent saw her and suggested to become a model. Two girls became supermodels. They remember this important time in their lives. They went through many difficulties. Now their life is different. They are rich and famous. Everybody knows their faces. But is the life of a supermodel easy? Do they have only filming, meetings and broadcasting on TV shows? Are there any unpleasant moments? The supermodels have stress, fatique and lack of sleep. This book will tell you the story of famous models and many interesting facts from the modelling business.

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Hard words: discussed, liked, twiggy, worked, rive, filmed, modeled, gauche, ford, sold, rose, caught, puma, august, opened, supermodel, fell, tried, anorexia, studied, illustrated, vogue, felt, amber, spoke, opium, wanted, frenchman, swan, separated