USA flag icon  Spiders Along the Dark Web

 Jordan Dumer

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The events of this novel take place in the distant future. A hundred years have passed since our days. In this new world FBI agents still continue to fight crime, corruption, unjust officials and much more. The plot focuses on an experienced agent, Detective Willard. He is entrusted with the task of studying transaction records of a large unknown company. Routine work is turning into something new and very dangerous. Not only the detective himself, but his colleagues are at risk. There is a dark menacing web around Willard. It is ready to devour him at any moment. Will the detective be able to unravel this web and punish the criminals? Or will he become a victim of a mysterious spider? Read this novel and follow his thrilling adventures.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1186 Total words: 5610

Hard words: cryptology, adjusting, derringer, dumped, moldering, undecipherable, allen, basking, decipherable, plugged, laundered, rouge, firebombing, dismantled, strapped, referred, solved, dumbfounded, skirting, trashcan, lit, incorruptible, pulpy, manipulated, mimosa, mishandling, held, stepped, brushing, ding