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The doctor says Laura is going to die on Tuesday. It is Saturday today. She is talking to her friend. Laura is sure that if she dies, she will be reborn into a being less developed than a human. Perhaps she will become an otter or another mammal. The woman doesn't like it. But she understands that she has always lead not a very decent life. So there is no choice. And it's not bad to be an otter. You can eat fresh fish every day and not get fat. If you are a very good otter, you can be reborn into a human. Even if it will be a little swarthy boy from a village in Africa. Laura has already thought of everything. It seems that she doesn't worry much. But Laura dies not on Tuesday. It happens on Monday. This changes everything a lot.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 475 Total words: 1907

Hard words: reincarnated, attending, shouted, nubian, allowed, unclothed, tempered, reincarnate, returned, considered, taken, admitted, decided, pulled, defence, supposing, swearing, recovered, thoughtless, escaping, reincarnation, trying, upsetting, practicing, unforgiving, coolly, felt, biting, looking, otter