Great Britain flag icon  Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

 Andrew Lang

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This tale is about the East and magic. It has everything: the heat of the desert sands, the beautiful palaces, the love of a princess and true friendship. The reader sees the oriental market with bright silks, feels the heat of the merciless sun and hear marvelous aromas. Magic envelops from the first page. The story tells about a young boy Aladdin, who was the soon of a poor tailor. One day a stranger comes to him and calls himself his uncle Mustapha. He gives Aladdin many gifts and promises a rich life. Aladdin only has to get some old lamp and give it to 'uncle'. Everyone dreams of such an easy way to a comfortable life. Only the relative is actually an evil image. And the lamp is the genie's dungeon.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1093 Total words: 6636

Hard words: brimful, canst, deceived, grieved, transported, unluckily, containing, unfolded, surpassing, beheaded, refused, snatching, seizing, arrayed, rejoicing, piteously, passed, reconciled, awakened, feasting, proclaimed, jeering, thither, carried, vizier, discovered, clasped, thunderstruck, fain, unbound